Sydney cake queen Katherine Sabbath is one of the coolest creatives around, loved equally for her cutting-edge cake designs and quirky personal style. Kat is a high school teacher turned cake creative whose unique designs have featured in print internationally, online as well as on TV. She shares it all with her half a million Instagram followers, who hang on every sprinkle. Her fans are so devoted they have even been known to sport her cake designs as permanent tattoos.
Kat’s first book, a self-published pop-up art book, Katherine Sabbath – Greatest Hits – The Pop Edition, has sold out its two print runs.

In 2018, Katherine was invited to appear on Australia’s most respected cooking show, MasterChef, as a guest judge during “Sweet Week”. Contestants were challenged in a Pressure Test to recreate her now iconic “Birthday Cake”, which has since been recreated by budding MasterChef’s across the country and internationally.
Currently in 2019, Kat has rather fortuitously become the new owner of Creative Cake Decorating – a premium Australian made food-colouring company, established in 1986. She now works here full-time, and continues to celebrate the joy of creative cake making with dessert lovers worldwide.

Kat lives in Sydney with her husband, who doesn’t like cake, and her dog, who most definitely does.

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