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Hey there, sweet pals! It’s Katherine Sabbath, here! I like to think of myself as a proud home baker, cake creative, and passionate merry-maker. I’ve always been a self-confessed sprinkle-covered, sticky-fingered, bake-aholic! Any spare moment would be spent mixing, rolling, piping, dusting (not to be confused with the housework kind), ganaching, sprinkling and of course, taste-testing! My love for experimenting with new flavours and dessert concepts led me to pack up my high school teaching textbooks and dive head-first into a career I like to call, "The Cake Life".

I’m happiest when making thoughtful, unique and delicious cakes and desserts for loved ones, friends and family. I enjoy documenting my recipes and am passionate about sharing my creative ideas with others. My work has been featured internationally across magazines, books, social media channels, & even TV! You can also see me in action by visiting one of my dessert demonstrations or workshops periodically held across Australia and abroad.

After joining Instagram in early 2013 - sharing photos of my creations and snapshots of my life - I have been lucky enough, rather serendipitously, to attract a community of more than 480,000 lovely followers worldwide! There are even a number of rad people out there sporting my cakes as tattoos, gee whiz! This overwhelming social media success is what prompted me to move on from my role as a high school teacher at the beginning of 2015, to focus all of my energy into a career filled with cakes and fostering the home baking community.

In between teaching hands-on workshops, running baking demonstrations in front of hungry audiences and supporting home bakers (who I always say are the best kind of people), I relish in collaborating with others. This has led me to work alongside a selection of my favourite brands and businesses, through creative partnerships. As a proud home baker, I actively encourage home baking enthusiasts alike to share their ‘Katherine Sabbath-inspired creations’ using the Instagram hashtag, #katherinesabbath and the cheeky motto, "Go Ahead, Bake My Day".

At the end of 2016, I launched my very first crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds for my debut cookbook, “Katherine Sabbath - Greatest Hits”. This pop-up art book is filled with some of my most iconic and well-loved cakes and recipes. A keepsake of dessert inspiration, paper engineering, and creative baking; it is the first publication of its kind on the market. To everyone’s sheer delight, and with the help of many wonderful backers, the project was successfully funded within 30 days of its launch! The first edition of 5000 copies was released in September 2017, and quickly sold out. “Katherine Sabbath - Greatest Hits” is now in its second reprint, released October 2018.

For partnerships and collaborations please email [email protected]


Her debut cookbook, “Katherine Sabbath - Greatest Hits”, is a pop-up art book, filled with a selection of Katherine’s most iconic and well-loved cakes and recipes. A keepsake of dessert inspiration, paper engineering, and creative baking; it is the first publication of its kind on the market!



Greatest Hits The Pop Edition



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